We love our furry friends but let’s face it. They have more corks than a casa player. Though most of these are cute some are disgusting and all the makers wonder why to make sure to stay tuned until the end to see what compels don to roll around in the grossest stuff imaginable. now ten things dogs do that you never understood.

1. Eat Grass

Why eating grass everyone knows the dog sometimes. After the feast the often vomit before starting the process all over again. Since we can’t and stones why they do what they do? We have to defer the question to human experts. Of course being human these experts don’t always agree with each other. So we’re left with several explanations for this bizarre behaviour. One is the dogs eat grass when they’re on well for the purpose of inducing vomiting. However, this was this proven in a study that found in less than ten per cent of dogs were killed before eating grass. Also, the same study found that only a quarter of the dogs vomited afterwards. This leaves AT the gesture removing intestinal worms in fixing a fibre deficiency is the most common explanations.

2. Sticking Head Out Of The Vehicle.

There are a few things as blissful as a dog with its head out of a car window. With its mouth open and eyes closed. It seems to be channelling all the life outside the car. Which isn’t far from the truth. A moving vehicle means an intense spot of air for any exposed body part which also means an intense dispersion of scent molecules for dogs knows. A dog with its three hundred million scent receptors is experiencing an olfactory overdose. It is detecting smells and the volume and diversity not usually experience.


We’ve seen the best dogs of our generation destroyed by the man is that a four. We how evokes when one dog howls another one and then another and then another. We can’t help but wonder what they’re saying .It turns out that it’s not as complicated as our fantasies have us believe. Mostly it’s to announce their presence to other dogs which are a trade in here to buy their ancestors who’re holding was a necessary part of
Living in a pack. For instance, rules how to communicate their location to fellow pact members or to this with members from other packs from entering their territory. Domestic dogs aren’t as extreme as their howlings limited twenty tension or being spooked.

4.Certainly Before Lying Down

This is another road left over from wild ancestors. Dogs before domestication had to search for little ground on which to sleep. This was the purpose of their circling to make sure that every inch of the sitting area was flat. once they’ve had it all down they could then spend the night in comfort and even though today’s dogs are hard pressed for flat surfaces they are completely rid of this wild instinct. So if your dog takes a few spins before bed it’s taking a few spins into a past relationship was bumpier books a lot more exciting.

5.Sniffing Butts 

Dogs have very little decorum when interacting with other dogs or people for that matter. Case in point doll to introduce themselves by stating each other’s but we know this to be safe for the third date. Dogs are more shameless than humans however but it’s not all for play there’s a purpose to their perversity dogs bottom it’s a lot of information which is displayed through scent molecules thus the dog sitting others but is getting to know the canine better than we could ever hope to know another human. This is a clear win for man’s best friend.

6.Licking Faces

A friendly dog will stop at nothing to look a person’s face. And if you’re like us you may be wondering why. The obvious answer is affection just like humans kids with their intimate dogs. Do the same thing another reason that would taste good really good. Human faces are like a soap with the dogs some of which will not stop looking into you’ve moved them away.

7. Chasing Their Tails.

Though dogs do some pretty weird things.T here’s nothing more senseless the chasing and sometimes biting their own tales. In fact, this action is a metaphor for something ineffective. But ineffective isn’t always a bad thing and the dogs’ defence how many senses things do they want to do for fun. Yes, the dog simply shakes their tails for fun. And anyone who has watched this display conceals much fun they have all doing it to the dog until something to play with when they get bored.

8. Panting

Paintings one of don’s most prominent qualities. But it’s definitely a little weird. If we weren’t used to it would be taken aback by an animal ruling out its tongue breeding a radically for extended periods of time. But this was a lacing technique for body temperature regulation. Dogs don’t sweat like humans. So they were lined panting to cool down with its mouth agape and tongue lolling can better certainly bring the dog’s body.

9Hating Baths


One thing the domesticity has instilled in dogs is a tolerance for beating. They hate it as the cats and many other domestic animals. Leading reason for this hatred that soap and water combine to remove a dog sent this makes the proper vulnerable. It’s the sensually a temporary loss of self because what is a dog without it sent. Every time you base your dog is having an existential crisis.

10.Rolling In Garbage

Well, most of these chords are endearing. Rolling in the garbage is not to us this is inexplicable behaviour. But two dogs it’s common sense the pungent smell is nothing but a test your smell of says dog will tend to overpower the scent with its own. This is what rules of the mass it wants to mark its territory. Another theory that this behaviour comes from wolves which would carry these Metalurh pack members to the presence of food.
It’s clear to us that the most confusing dog treats made a lot more sense in the past that’s all for ten things dogs do that you never understood why? What’s the weirdest thing your dog does tell us in the comments below thanks.