The Golden Bridge that was opened in Vietnam this year became the hit of the internet within several days. Many individuals couldn’t trust that the construction portrayed in many photographs was real. And they are correct because it’s really hard to imagine that there could be a mountain bridge located at cloud level and upheld by 2 giant human palms.


ReadSpecial chose to recall what other one of a kind and unbelievably fantastic bridges are there on the planet.

1. On the hands, Vietnam

Brilliant Bridge has turned into the main place of interest in Da Nang City, Vietnam. It was instantly adored by guests thanks to its exceptional construction — 2 giant hands bolster the bridge. The two hands look realistically ancient.

According to architects, there ought to be an illusion that the hands of God are lifting this brilliant strip appropriate out of the ground. And according to guests, these noteworthy figures amaze everyone with their plan, the aptitude that was required to assemble them, and the ingenuity it took to execute this idea.

2. In the sky, Malaysia


Sky bridge leads no place and doesn’t connect anything. It was constructed as part of an initiative started by the Malaysian government to attract sightseers.

Thanks to its one of a kind construction, the bridge is bolstered by only one steel pylon and 8 cables. It’s managed to satisfy its function and continues to attract many guests. Also it regularly appears on arrangements of the best attractions of its kind.

3. Across the ocean, China


Donghai Bridge is one of the longest cross-sea bridges on the planet. Be that as it may, the bridge across Hangzhou Bay, also located in China, is somewhat longer than its brother.

The graceful S-shape of the bridge, which makes it look beautiful in photographs, was made for safety reasons. Dissimilar to straight roads, drivers on this breathtaking highway must stay alert because they have to concentrate on turns.

4. Through a forest, Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge crosses a stream with the same name, which was gotten from the name of the leader of the Squamish Indian clan, who were the indigenous inhabitants of this place.

The bridge is amazing because of the fact that a part of its course goes up to the level of the treetops, which brings this walk through the forest to another, more magical level. This feeling is much stronger at Christmas when the trees are secured with snow and lit up by many lights.

5. Reflection, Germany


Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge is famous for its arc that reflects in the water and creates an ideal hover from a certain angle. This place is encompassed by a mystical aura and the bridge itself can’t be walked on.

The entrance to the bridge is shut not for mystical, but rather for safety reasons because it was worked for aesthetical and not utilitarian purposes.

6. Above the waterfall, USA


Benson Bridge is famous for its one of a kind and pleasant location. It was worked over the lower cascade of a large waterfall with a specific end goal to give the best perspective of the upper cascade.

According to an ancient Indian legend, Multnomah Falls appeared after the daughter of the leader bounced from the bluff sacrificing herself to the spirits for saving her clan from an unpleasant disease.

7. On a waterfall, Norway


The Låtefossen waterfall is famous for the fact that it is actually 2 distinct waterfalls on the best, that join at the base.

Comfortable spot where the 2 streams wind up one, there is a part of the highway that passes over it. It’s located on an exceptionally beautiful and low arc bridge and the treks across this bridge usually wind up being mesmerizing which is the reason this bridge is adored such a great amount by visitors.

8. Aqueduct, Great Britain


The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, located in Wales, is part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Having been constructed 200 years ago, this one of a kind waterway has turned into a masterpiece of engineering as well as an impeccable bit of monumental architecture. The fact that the aqueduct superbly matches the natural landscape surrounding it was featured and outlined by UNESCO.

The most pleasant thing about this attraction is that guests can take boat trips at the tallness of 125 ft.

9. Teakwood bridge, Myanmar


The teakwood U Bein Bridge has the privilege to be considered the longest and most established wooden bridge on the planet, yet officially, it’s definitely not. Maybe the reason is in the fact that some wooden beams have been replaced with concrete pillars for safety reasons. Aside from the new pillars, this bridge has existed for almost 2 centuries, and the new fortification ought not render this construction any less noble.

The bridge is of great importance for local occupants as it connects settlements during times of flooding. And during the dry season, U Bein Bridge towers above the ground.

10. Natural bridges

Bridges or arches created by nature are usually shaped because of erosion from water and wind. However, that isn’t the only strategy for the appearance of these miraculous bridges.

There is a place in the Tài Shān mountains in China where stones surprisingly stalled out between the stones. These stones have continued to withstand attacks from vacationers who dared to check whether this construction is really as strong as it looks.