We mostly hear about divorce but there is a strong reason behind it. Men or women decided to give a divorce after much thinking.First, they wanted to save their relationship but if the situation is out of handle then they decided to a divorce.

Here’s we will meet some special people who give a divorce to for just a simple reason.

5. Social media

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on social media. But we do not take it too seriously. A woman from India decided to divorce her husband just because he didn’t change his relationship status after marriage. Maybe her husband intentions did not wrong but his wife takes this little matter too much serious. And divorce her husband.


4. Ignoring texts


I hope you get a big lesson after reading it. A woman from Taiwan divorce her husband because he ignores her text after seen. She saves this text as a proof for court. You can see the timing. In a very short time, she decided to give him a divorce. In this time he takes a big decision of her life.i am sure, she destroys her life because she writes I love you at the end of the text.


3. Bad table manners

A Kuwaiti woman filed for a divorce because she had a problem with her husband.S he says that her husband has no manners of the table. He cannot eat food in a good manner. So be aware if you haven’t any manners. Maybe your wife notices you nowadays. You should show good manners at the table for save your life.


 34 years old men divorce his wife after a few days. Because he says that is wife is not so pretty as she before.she deceive him. She applies makeup and uses artificial eyelashes. Her beauty is fake. So he divorced her. Quietism is only in a real beauty. Don’t hide your real beauty in a makeup.

1. Political views


After 22 years of relation, a woman of California divorces her husband .why??? When she knows that her husband vote for a Donald Trump. Gayle McCormick says she felt betrayed, “I felt like I had been fooling myself. It opened up areas between us I hadn’t faced before.”

So readers tell us below in comments that these peoples take a good decision? should they act immediately? or they should think before taking any decision????