Today we will talk about those children whose nourisher was animals. They consider these animals as parents. They live with them for a long period of time. These people behaved like an animal. These children are the most famous and different children in the world. Because these children who are raised by animals.

It is not just a story it is real. These children are missing in a jungle and some are never come back home again. The wild animals brought them up rather than eat.

5.Oxana Malaya

In 1991 this girl was found to live with dogs. She was eight years old and till 6 years she lived with dogs. When she was 3 years old her drunker parents stick out to home. Then she starts to live in jangle with dogs. When she finds out then she walks on the 4 legs and behaved like dogs.shen show her teeth and barking like a dog.


4.Marina Chapman


When she was 3 years old she lived with monkeys. She lived with monkeys till 5 years. One day hunters find out and took her along with them. She ate a banana and behaved like a monkey. She could not speak like a human being, now she lives in America with her husband and daughters.


shamdev was found in the jungle in 1962. That time he was just 4 years old and play with wolf’s child and also lived with them. He drank animals blood an ate terr. He never learns how to speak but he understood the Indicators. He died in 1985.


2.Nug Chedi

She was missing in a jungle when she played outside the house. Her parents considered her died. So they forgot her. But once a little girl found in the jungle then her parents come and they took her along with them. Now she is 40 years of age and can speak like a human being. And live happily with her parents.


1.Tigar Boy

1912 Hindustani hunters find out this tiger boy in a mountain. A female tiger took with her. And brought him up. He runs fastly on his four legs. He fights with everyone like a tiger. Anybody who came near to him. He fights with him like a tiger. But after some year he lives and speaks like a human being.

So readers tell us in comments which child is most interesting. And is it possible that an animal brought any human being rather than eat?…is it a real or just a fake and rumours?. thank you.