Under normal circumstances, tourist destinations are supposed to be attractive destinations that provide a relaxing atmosphere and nurturing environment. This is what attracts tourists in the first place. But  Among all destinations, there’s some that are known to be quite dangerous to visit. With this being said prepare because here are the 5 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. You don’t want to miss this. let’s begin

5.Troll Tunga


The troll tunga is one of the most dangerous attractions in Norway. If you look at the site itself you will definitely understand why it is one of the most dangerous places. The stone is elevated almost 800 meters high. Intakes wonder about 10:00 hours to get to the top. In addition to that, there are no rails around the stone to protect observers from the top vantage point. In this even makes it worse. It is said that there is an Australian woman who plunged to her death from the stone this year. Although it is the first ever recorded death in the troll Tonga.


4. The Running Of The Bulls

This is an event that happens every year in Spain. In this event, 6 bulls are released on the streets .and they’re left to run freely for about 825 meters the event attracts in excess of 20000 people each year. Statistically, about 100 people get injured on an annual basis. Wall over 15 deaths have been reported since its inception. While they’re at it people might either be considered to be brave or just completely fooled by running in this that. How would you categorize these people? Let us know in the comments below.


  3.  Mountain Hua Shan

This is probably one of the most dangerous hiking places in the world. When you visit this place it will not take you a minute to understand why it is dangerous. The wooden planks that have been aligned along the mountain could easily fall off anytime one steps on it inappropriately. When the planks fall off the only option hikers are left with is to step on the foothold. Otherwise, you have to let go. It is estimated that close to 100 people lose their lives on this mountain annually. So next time you plan to hike on this mountain. Take note of the statistics.


 2. El Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is one of the most dangerous walkways in the world. Its name so because Spain’s king Afonso once walked on it. It is only about a meter and with but is a link between 2 clips that are about 200 meters apart 100 meters in depth. However, over the years, the walkways have been neglected. And is currently in a sorry state, to say the least. The office currently closed to the public with people steal chances to go and have a hike on the path. There’ve been over 4 deaths recorded since the path was neglected. This could probably explain why it was closed to the public. Even though it is close to the public is still so popular that money is being pumped into repairs in order to ensure it is reopened.

1.Death Road

The death road is a road that stretches more than kilometres and is found in the youngest region of Bolivia. Researchers have termed as one of the world’s most dangerous roads. There are several risks that are associated with this road. The first is the fact that the ground on which the road is built is unstable and not firm. This makes the red susceptible to mud slides which also possess great risks the motorist. Another risk is the fact that the road has no side rails that are supposed to prevent vehicles from rolling over the set that goes for more than 600 meters. Statistically, over 200 people fall victim of the roads on friendliness and tourists are mostly advised to avoid it .

And there you have 5 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. Which destination do you want to visit? Tell us below in comments.

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