epa04828911 Pakistani Army soldiers search for the bodies of the victims for the second day, after a train derailed in a canal near Gujranwala, Pakistan, 03 July 2015. The death toll from a crash involving a train carrying Pakistani army officers and their families rose to 17, the military said Friday. The train with 200 people on board fell into a canal when the bridge it was on collapsed in the central province of Punjab on 02 July, military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa said. Railways Minister Saad Rafiq said on 02 July sabotage could not be ruled out in this case and authorities were investigating the cause of the crash. EPA/KHURRAM KHAN####################KHURRAM KHAN

Have you ever travel on the train.or have you ever see the train bridge. Maybe you had seen but today we will show you some dangerous bridge that you if you see then you will never want to travel on the train.

5.Aso Minami


This is one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. Because near this track there is an active volcano. That can blast any time. Before some years ago it had closed. Because the lava of the volcano reached on the train track. Volcano lava released a dangerous gas that could damage the life of the passengers. But those people who love adventures they come and visite it and travel on it.


4.The Death Railway.


Brahma train railway is also called the death railway. When this track was mad then that time 90000 labour and 16000 prisoners fall down in the river and had died. Many prisoners attempted suicide during built this track. This root is now very popular. Many people say that when they travel on this track then they can feel the weeping of many souls who attempted suicide. This story makes this track more horrible and dangerous.


3.Landwasser Viaduct


This dangerous track is situated in Swaziland.This track built on a watercourse. during travel, the train also passes a Mines. That is too dark and calm. Mines make this more horrible. We can say that it is the most horrible and dangerous track in the world. When the train passes through the bridge then you can see a watercourse and the other side there is a mountain. This way is not even romantic it’s also dangerous.


2.Neriz Del Diablo


This travel is on the most dangerous travels in the world. This train is also known as the devil’s nose.   The trains descents, breathtaking manoeuvre in just, 500 meters. 12 kilometres across a zigzag craved in the rocks of the mountain and Conti deep into the Chanchan River gorge in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes. This way is full of dangers due to it any accident may be possible at any time. Some people say that this is one of the most dangerous travels that we have never do it before.

1.Chennai To Rameshwaram


This is not only the world, but this is also one of the dangerous track of India. The train passes on the ocean. People travel on this way to go Rameswaram. If you travel from Chennai and want to enjoy the Pamban Bridge crossing. Do not miss to travel by this train… It is just awesome and fabulous. Please try to get a ticket in a sleeper class and just enjoy the journey. It was really an unforgettable and pleasant journey.


So readers tell us comments that do you want to travel on these bridges? And which one is the most dangerous?.thankyou