Today we will talk about the best revenge ever. You will not believe that how people take a revenge and cross all limits. They never forgive others in their whole life. Maybe you are also one of the revengers who never forgive and take revenge to others.

We usually listen or read about the revenge stories but you never ever see these people who take a revenge and  Suffusion on the world. Because they make a world record in taking revenge.


4.Pirate Justice

In 1405 king of France called jane’s husband for plying tournament. But the king deceives him and captive him in France jail. Because in the battle he favours England rather than France.After this jane decided to take a revenge to the king. She sold all her property even her house and made the army. So that they fight with France’s king. In her 3 ships, she fights with them till 13 years. She killed all the fighters in the ships expect one. So that he go and tell his king who do this.


3.Lorena Bobbitt

If we are talking about revenge then Lorena Bobbitt is the top of the list. In 1990 Lorena Bobbitt was very famous for this revenge. Because she takes revenge to her husband. when Lorena’s husband came to a home he beaten her. One day Lorena cuts his private part. and leave the house. Lorena could forgive him but she couldn’t bear more. Because she had known that he will never ever change. So due to Helplessly, she killed him.


2.Frank Eaton

When Frank Eaton was 8 years old then some people killed his father in front of him..He saw all the murders in his eyes.He could not forget them. Because he lost his father just because of them. He joined the army for taking revenge for his father’s murders.Then after some years he killed 5 murders expect one. But he sad that he could not kill the other murder.Because he had already died.

1.Long Time Revenge

During the world war ii.One fighter killed ailano’s family. He swears that he will never leave him.He will definitely take revenge for his family. After the war he joins army .When he knows that his family’murder live in France then he reached France.He stay many years in France to search the murder. One day he found him in a jangle. First, he told all his story and then killed him.After this he came back to Israel and confess his crime.

so readers tell us comments that if anyone deceives you. what will you do? .will you forgive him or take a revenge? thank you.