Everyone has some habits, but sometimes these habits exchanged in addiction’.If we do not stop these addictions then our body can damage and health can destroy. This can be a reason for our death. You mostly see people who are the addicts of vine and smoking etc.

But do you ever want to know that how many things that are an addiction of people..Today we will tell you about 5 people with the strangest addiction?


1.Riley Kilo


Everyone wants to back up their past or their childhood time at any stage of life. He wants that  I have my friend they can play with me and I enjoy my life like in the past.No responsibility on me and I was free. But do you ever see or read about the Riley kilo? She grew up in Northern California and later relocated to New York. She was a boy before Transgender. She began living as a female at age 20. Who behaves like a kid. She is 29 years old.S he plays with the doll and teddy bears. She has been addicted that she will spend her life like a baby. She turned her bedroom into a nursery complete with a crib, diapers and baby dresses.


2.Teresa Widener.


When children eat soil then mother forbid him strictly. These types of moms we can see everywhere. But do you ever watch and know about Teresa widener. She is the mother of two kids. She eats rocks. Yesss you read correctly. She eats rocks for at least  20 years. Teresa east 3ponds rocks in a week. Teresa selects softer and more brittle rocks she knows she can break up easily. But this is strange that rocks do not damage her health. While she becomes stronger with the passage of time. Her teeth become too strong. She eats too many rocks on that day when she is in trouble or any problem.



Bertha is a 23-year-old woman featured on TLC’s hit show My Strange Addiction, and she has a secret addiction that leaves her worried about her health.  Bertha like nail paint too much. But she does not apply nail polish on her nail. Because she drinks nail paint. Bertha drinks nail paint bottle like this that you drink vine and finish till the end. She licks nail paint brush very strangely. She empties 5 nails polish every day. She has been addicted to drinking bottles of nail polish for at least five years.


2.Adele Edwards



She is 31 years old.She has a strange addict Adele Edwards has an unusual eating disorder: She consumes couches like they were candy, going through seven sofas in the last 21 years. Pregnant women can sometimes have odd cravings for non-food objects, such as ashes, laundry starch, hair, coffee grounds and even cigarette butts. But she regularly eats couches without any reason..She cuts couches in small pieces and put it in her bag. And eat when she craves it. Doctors say that if she continuously eats it then she will lose her life.



Jaye lives in Houston. She is the addict of baby powder. She inhales powder through her nose. When she was 16 years then she began to do this. For completing her addict, she had used 1125 pound powder around half a ton for at least 16 years. According to Jaye her addiction started when she accidentally spilled powder as a youngster and inhaled it by mistake. She says that her friends convinced that she had a secret drug habit but when her friends visit her home they saw a thin layer of dust on the surface. Then they realised that she is the addict of inhaling the baby powder.

readers tell us in comments do you have an addict of anything. and which addication is strangest .?thankyou.