Travel is too much easy when you are travelling on the simple road. You are comfortable and feel good and enjoy your travel. But can you travel on these roads that we will discuss below? If you like driving then never go to these places.

These dangerous roads are waiting for death. But people still come on these roads and enjoy an adventure. Today we will tell you about 5 dangerous roads that you would never want to drive.

5.North Yungas road.



North yungas road is also known as death road. The reason is, that maximum 100 to 200 people died every year on this road. When you travel on this road you can see the grave of people who died on this road. Many time the government close this road but there is only one way of travelling due to this it reopens.

4.James Dalton highway.

James Dalton highway is not suitable for those people who are a new driver. This highway is mostly used for import and export. These vehicles speed is mostly very fast. There is no any petrol pump, or nor any house around this way. This is the most dangerous way you would never want to drive.if you are going to picnic then it will not allow you to drive on this road.


3.Atlantic ocean road.

Atlantic ocean road is made on the ocean in NORWAY. That is best for a road trip. But there is dangerous at every step. Your little mistake can cause death. If your car goes outside the road then you can fall down in the ocean. This road is also one of the most dangerous roads you would never want to drive.


2.Eshima Ohas

.Eshima Ohashi bridge made so high so that an aeroplane can pass under the bridge very easily. Travel on this bridge is like to invite your death. If you are brave then you should definitely travel on this bridge.

1.Stelvio pass


Stelvio pass is famous for its zigzag road. That is famous in the whole world. Every driver gets afraid of travelling on this road. Because if your car loses it balance then it falls down. You can not travel on this road easily. Maybe it will confuse your mind and car can be out of the handle.


I hope you like all these bridge. If you are risk taker then which on road you will choose. Tell us in comments.thank you.