Nowadays you can see that new technologies are coming. Especially Different cars and vehicles etc. Those people who are most interested in buying and selling the car, this article is beneficial for them. They will know that how many technologies come in the vehicle.

today we will watch 5 unusual & weirdest cars ever made. I m sure you want to buy all these cars.

5. big banana car.

if you want to look different and unique on the road, or if you want that when you are travelling on the road, all the peoples looked you interestingly then you should buy this banana car.4 persons can enjoy the travel in this car. tub car.

This car made by two friends at home. They say that they always like to stay in a swimming that’s why they modify their car and exchange in a swimming pool. So that they enjoy swimming during travelling on the road.

3.smallest car.

usually, you see the biggest car, but you never see a world smallest car in the world. This is also one the unusual & weirdest car ever made. This car made in England. Only one person can travel in it. This car is suitable for you if you irritate to parking the car.

2.aeromobil 3.0

This car is one the best car in 5 usual & weirdest car ever made. This car can fly in the air. This car is beneficial for that time when you would a traffic problem. It is made in 2003. If you have money to buy the car, but if you dream about buying an aeroplane then this car can fulfil your dream.


If you are bored to drive a car on the land then you can drive this car in the water. This car is actually the mixture of boat and car. So that you drive easily both land and water. Four persons can set easily in this car.

so readers, if you have any oppertunity to drive a car then which one car you will choose. Tell us below in comments. Thank you.