This world is full of million animals. Where different types of animals are living. Some animals are pet. People take their responsibility and love them. Today we will talk about the world biggest and largest animals in the world. Maybe you don’t know about them.


5.Green Anaconda.

You may ever see great snake or anaconda. But you never see this green anaconda that is the world largest anaconda. It found in Africa. That was 30 feet long and weighed 250kg. Green anacondas dark olive-brown with large alternating black spots running down their backs and smaller oval spots with yellow centres along their sides. His eyes and noses are perched on top of their large heads, allowing them to breathe and see their prey even when submerged in water. Green anacondas were members of the boa family and are a non-venomous snake. But unfortunately, he died a few years ago. its Figurine laid in the national museum of nature and science of Tokyo Japan.


4.Tallest Dog(Zeus)

His name is Zeus and he is one of the largest dogs in the world. On four legs, he stood 44 inches tall. On two, his hight is 7 feet and 4 inches he ate 30-pound bag of food every two weeks. and drink a lot of water. Doorlag’s family got Zeus when he was 8 weeks old. Zeus died Sept. 3, just shy of his 6th birthday. Zeus’ record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition – is out now worldwide from all good retailer.


3.Biggest Rabbit (Darius)



Darius is one of the biggest rabbits in the world.he was 4 feet and 4 inches tall. He lived with her owner  Annette Edwards in England. This type of rabbit can grow as big as four-feet long, but Darius was even larger than the normal Continental Giant. Darius has two children called Jeff and Grace that are likely to overtake his size and snatch his Guinness World Record in the next few years. Together, the father and son could easily consume 2,000 carrots and 700 apples in one year.


2.Biggest Alligator

He was 15 feet & 9 inches long and weighed 1,011.5 pounds (~458.8 kg). This alligator was one of the biggest and largest alligators in the world. Five members of the Stokes family captured a giant alligator at the Alabama River on August 16, 2014. His owner said that the alligator was 24 – 28 years old, which was determined from an analysis of its leg bone.


1.The largest Japanese Spider Crab

This Japanese spider crab is famous for his legs and he is one of the biggest spiders in the world. His length is 12 feet and weight is 19kg. These types of crab can live till 30 to 70 years. Japanese spider crab only really lives in the depths of the ocean near Japan. They’re usually found at around 150 to 300 meters down, which is nearly a thousand feet, so you have nothing to worry about, right?


so reader tells us in comments which animal is strangest and attracts you the most?