I have made tremendous leaps in terms of technological advancement back in 2000 for most of us had when it is indestructible Nokia flip phones were all you could do is call text and flee snake today you can practically plan world domination for yourself hang out with us. Until the end to find out why you may need to make sure that your phone isn’t spying on you in the future.


7. Transparent

How can a phone be seen 3 where it all the chance and mechanisms. though cellphones can’t be transparent. Right, well Samsung seems to have some tricks up its sleeve while they’re working on some incredible technology like a foldable phone they’re also potentially working to create a transparent phone. Don’t worry we’ll talk more about the full double phone in a day. According to patently mobile Sampson has been granted a design patent to create a phone with a transparent display. For there isn’t much information out about this new technology. Yeah, it looks like Samsung is taking the lead when it comes to seeing for your device by isn’t coming anytime soon. Well it’s hard to say we can make a few guesses as to what the plan on using this technology for we’re going to talk about augmented reality in a fit, but it seems that the transparent model might be able to give a better experience for A R. ET Samsung is using similar technology as Google glass according to the past and the entire phone wouldn’t be transparent instead it appears that the phone screen will be more like a window. Now before you get your hopes up. This isn’t a promise that Samsung will actually deliver on this product. They’re constantly panting ideas that never get fully realize but we still can help by getting credibly excited over it.


6.Gaming Phone

In the gaming world is always changing given that gaming consoles are now more dance and some smartphones. It can be hard to grasp the idea that a phone can handle intense gaming between all the data from the game and the technology needed to handle the images real gaming on the phone. Doesn’t really seem feasible it seems like we’re doomed only play games like Farmville antenna crass. However, a company called Nubia has created a phone that can handle intense gaming the biggest issue for gamers using the phone is the overheating of the device. Neovia created air convection cooling system to increase airflow and cool down the device quicker. The case is also made from a material that can help keep the phone cool the design of the case makes the phone look like a fancy sports car but it’s not just medics. It’s all to help optimize the gaming experience that was ready to play for a night on their phones without their devices burning up. While gaming phones are a big hit in China.There virtually unknown in the US market. But don’t worry soon everyone and their mother will have an inside source has even revealed that Samsung is currently working on the greatest gaming phone of all time. We’ll just have to wait to see if that unconfirmed rumour is actually through or not.

5.Foldable Screen.

You might have seen foldable tablets on shows like Westworld seems like a pipe dream. Right, How can glass full so easily luckily? We’re not too far from enjoying this luxury ourselves 1 of the most exciting features coming to the phone and tablet world is full double screens. Samsung created a game changer with their Galaxy smartphones and they’re definitely going to take it up a notch with their full double phone. There were reports of a foldable phone in the works back in 2011, but there was nothing concrete most chalked it up to a rumor or something that was still in the development process. While the release date for the full double phone hasn’t been announced. People are speculating that the world can see this phone as soon as 1/20/19. There’s also another company called be are we working on a gadget that they’ve lovingly nicknamed the phone. Let a tablet that can be folded into a phone, of course, a working prototype seem promising but the ultimate test will be if this technology can be mass produced or not.


4. Holographic Phone.

Holograms are nothing new as we see them quite regularly in movies and TV sets. When a hologram AT T. Park made an appearance during Coachella in 2012. The world was astonished this meant that holographic technology was becoming more realistic this might sound like it’s from away in the future. But holographic phones are not too far from our reach. Thanks to a company called to read the same company that makes cameras. We might all have this amazing piece of technology soon the red phone will likely be 1 of the more pricier pieces of technology out there but you’re paying for a phone that has holographic technology in 5/20/18. It was announced that AT and T. And Verizon will be selling this incredible phone with an anticipated release happening later in 2018. Pre-order pricing has started at around 1000 $300 see. We told you that this wouldn’t be sheet the holographic content will be able to be seen in 4 V. format.


3.Vivo Apex

Before we get into the Vivo apex. Let’s talk about vessels. Vessels are the frames around the cell phone screen latest phone technologies have thinned out the vessels to the point.W here it almost looks like the screen wraps around the phone but the vivo apex has managed to 1 up all other companies. In fact, the general consensus from the 2018 mobile World Congress was at the viva apex stole the show the vessel on the sides measured, just 1.8 millimetres, while the bottom bezel measures just 4.3 millimetres. It’s believed that the screen to body ratio is about 95 per cent while the iPhone X. has an 82 per cent ratio. Even though the phone is missing in your piece sounder ported the vibrate through the phone. The Vivo apex also has a fingerprint scanner that’s embedded under the screen the image quality of the screen is top notch as well. Let’s just say that the viva apex might look better than real life itself.


2.Camera Lenses

Besides texting talking on the phone and social media. What do you think is the most popular feature on a smartphone? It’s taking pictures especially selfies. Some of the most incredible pictures and videos have been shot on cell phones. Movies are even now being shot on iPhone25. Thanks to the incredible quality of their cameras as phone get slimmer. You would think that the camera quality would go down, but that isn’t the case a company called light is currently working on a phone that will have multiple cameras. Their current prototype can handle anywhere between 5 to 9 different cameras. What is even more incredible is that these cameras will be able to pull off a 64-megapixel photo. Life is also the company that came out with the L. 16 camera which is worth about $2000. Why it has all the camera here you need actual bodies 16 different camera lenses to be exactly put this in mind it makes sense that light is the company pioneering this multiple camera technology for a phone. Most people don’t want to have to use extra lens attachments to get the shot the one.


1.Fingerprint Scanners.

As we know fingerprint scanners alright new technology. But for most people who tried fingerprint technology on their phone. It was probably a rather annoying experience this is especially true. If your finger was injured with a cut or burned, it temporarily affected your print or whenever you needed to open up your phone quickly scanning your print fast just never seem to work in your favour. This is because the fingerprint scanner is on the outside of phones usually on a button then iPhone dabbled in face scanning and we thought we saw the end of needing fingerprints. But a company called Synaptics developed a way to take pictures of fingerprints by looking in between pixels. Other phone makers have figured out how to embed fingerprint scanners inside the screen then all you need to do is touch your finger to the screen so that it can easily scan your print. This technology was supposed to be incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S. 8 but it didn’t work out as planned.

That’s all for 7 ways phones will amaze you in the near future. What do you think of these amazing upgrade which technological advancement are you most excited about? tell us your thoughts in the comments below also let us know if your team apple or team Sam song?.