Today we will talk about the strangest place in the world. I am sure after watching videos and pic you will defenitly want to visit all these interesting places with your family.

 7.The Petrifying Well

Into Norris borough in North York shire is a well that seems as something ripped out of a story by H. P. Lovecraft. It’s a place where water trickles down a cliffside that looks like a skeletons grinning face and wear anything you place under the water will turn to stone. The processes usually take 3 to 5 months but you can leave anything you want under the trickling water and when you return it will be stoned.

People have left everything from teddy bears to bicycles there and everyone has been transformed into a statue. For a long time, people believed that the well was cursed by which. Scientists today though have found that the water just has an unusually high mineral content. As a result, it creates a hard mineral shell over anything it touches just like how stalactites are formed in caves.

 6. Gruner C Park Under Water

In Austria, there’s a park with beautiful hiking trails and benches you can enjoy through an autumn morning. If you visit in the spring though it’s a little different. In fact, you’ll need scuba gear. The park is near the hawk Schwab mountains which get completely covered with snow in the winter. There’s so much snow on the mountains that when it melts the park’s lake doubles in size and drowns the park. If you swim through it in the spring you’ll see benches and bridges under the water even some of the alpine flowers which normally only survive above the surface will bloom under the water. Then part way through summer the water starts to recede and the park emerges from underneath.


5.Shanay TimPishka (The Boiling River)

Deep in the Amazon lies a river 4 miles long and unlike any other honours vision, a Tempest guy is so hot that any animals that steps into it get boiled alive. The river gets is hot is 91°C and scientists are completely sure why. Normally water that gets this hot is fed by a volcano but this one is 700 kilometres removed from the nearest one. There is a theory that scientists believe that boiling hot water from under the earth cracks through fault lines and heats up the river making the water a geothermal system, unlike any other honours.


4.(Never Ending a Lightning Storm)

In western Venezuela over the cat a tubal river. there is a storm that never ceases. starting at 7:00 PM every night lightning crashes over the water for 10:00 hours every night. 260 nights a year nobody knows for sure why it happens up until recently the leading theory was that it had something to do with your rainy I’m in the bedrock. Although scientists are starting to doubt it today the leading theory is a complicated one.

It posits that the shape of the mountains causes warm trade winds to collide with cold air from the Andes that collision is then fueled by the rapidly evaporating water below and methane from a nearby oil field. Nobody actually knows for sure though why it happened. Everything about it is mysterious including one moment in 2010 when it inexplicably stopped one day the storm just died down without explanation and seem to for a while to be over then after 6 weeks of silence. It sparked up again and has been raging ever since.


3. The Blue Pond of Hokkaido

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido, there is a lake that’s unlike any other in the world. The water is a unique electric shade of blue that shimmers and changes its shades. When you look at it from different angles as the seasons change the water changes colour. Even more, shifting through shades of blue and green.


The lake was actually man made the local set up a dam in the area and set up a reservoir where the water blocked by the dam could collect to their surprise though the water. It collected changed colour.  Scientists believe that the water strange colour comes from aluminium hydroxide particle stiff mingled in with it the particles reflect blue light on usually well made. Its reflection of the sky above far more vivid than any body of water anywhere else on the.


  2.The Ringing Rocks

At the top of the hill in Pennsylvania, there is a field full of strange rocks and nobody knows why they’re there. There is no higher cliffside nearby. So they couldn’t have fallen through a landslide and the natives that knew about it before European settlers arrived believed it to be a natural phenomenon. They’re being there is hardly the strangest part though instead, that honour goes to the sounds they make when you hit them. The charming ring that sounds almost like a symbol on a drum kit.

There are theories, but we aren’t completely sure why they make this strange noise. One investigating them though found out there making it on their own when you hit a single rock it lets out a low-frequency town that can’t be heard by human ears when you put them together through the tones interact and that’s the sound we actually hear.


1.Kawah Ijen

In Indonesia, there is a sulphur mine built into a volcano and when the workers enter it at night they turn off their lights. They don’t need them because their way is lit by the strange glowing blue liquid trickling down the side like lava collision. It is often described as a volcano with blue lava although scientists now know the blue trickle isn’t real lava itself for sulfuric gases inside heat up and burst out of it shooting blue flames up to 5 meters into the air.

The gases then condense into liquid sulfur which spills down the mountainside slopes looking like flowing neon blue lava all the sulfur in the air makes it toxic and researchers and photographers who visit after work gas masks to stay safe. The workers in the mind though do not and suffer through the unbreathable air while they work in the light of the pale blue glow that slowly killing them and is unlike any in the world.

Now readers tell us in comments that in which place that you want to visit?

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