7royle  family rules Megan Markel has already broken. Megan Markel story is like a fairy tale come true. Ever since she stepped into the spotlight she’s been the world’s Darling and is a trendsetter for fashion style and humanitarian causes. Part of her charm is that she’s a bit of a rebel don’t you agree. Even though her time as an official member of the British royal family has been relatively short she’s already shaking things up and she doesn’t follow the many rules that go with being part of British royalty.


 7.No Sleeveless Blouses

According to the British newspaper, the sun part of British royal protocol is that well women shouldn’t wear off the shoulder or other revealing styles. In June of this year, Megan stepped out of Queen Elizabeth’s trooping of the colour ceremony in a pretty pink ensemble. Unfortunately, outfit caused quite a stir because it was an off the shoulder number. Megan is also known to wear sleeveless outfits that are appropriate for summer. But there’s only slight controversy when she decides to bare her shoulders. This controversy is a bit strange. Since Kate Middleton and even Queen Elizabeth herself in her younger years have been seen without that’s that reveal the shoulders.


 6.To Her Wedding


So many elements of Megan Markle’s wedding were groundbreaking and rule-breaking.  The wedding was praised for its show of racial diversity was an American preacher delivering a sermon a black gospel choir and the bride yourself who is a mixed race. Megan also made a groundbreaking feminist statement by walking the first part of the aisle alone. What says strong independent woman more than walking alone in high heels in your wedding dress with the whole world watching. She and Prince Harry also broke tradition when it came to the wedding cake the. The traditional wedding cake has been a fruitcake since the times of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The fruitcake was considered a symbol of wealth since it required costly ingredients. Instead, they went for a beautiful women elderflower cake ordered from a chef who shares Megan’s values for food sustainability.



 5. Needs Hair

Well protocol must be followed from head to toe and that includes hair. It dictates that hair should be sleek and meet Kate Middleton’s hair usually doesn’t have a strand out of place. But Megan has been seen wearing more laid-back looks like those you have when you step out of bed. The messy bun hairstyle is a no-fuss look for when you need to do your her quickly and get out of the house. Megan has worn this look on several occasions including a visit to Northern Ireland and the visit to Cardiff castle in Wales. Of course, as soon as she did so the press how to report. it some love it and some hate it. but Megan Markel won’t be restricted when it comes to her hair.



Megan Markle must always wear stockings. It’s a royal rule dictated by the queen herself that the women of the British royal family must wear new pantyhose when wearing skirts or dresses. But Megan sometimes likes to go by her own rules pantyhose can be awkward and uncomfortable so maybe that’s why she sometimes prefers to let her legs be free. When announcing her engagement to Prince Harry Megan stepped out for a photo shoot without pantyhose. and the press went wild. It might seem over the top to be so crazy about pantyhose. But since every female member of the royal family wears them a deviation battle to cause controversy. Megan didn’t grow up in an era when pantyhose was considered necessary to look dignified. So maybe she just needs a little bit of time to get used to the idea. lately, she has been seen wearing pantyhose to almost all the events.


3. No Shorts Skirts Were Or Plunging Neckline

Before meeting Prince Harry Megan embrace the short skirt look wearing them to all manner of events. As a royal, you’re not supposed to show too much of your legs. but sometimes you need to let your legs brief. right, in addition to this restriction, necklines need to be modest. The character Megan played for the TV series suits often wear plunging necklines. She has worn less revealing clothing since coming into the British spotlight. But when it comes to skirts and necklines she likes to bend the rules a little. She’s been seen in low cut dresses which she usually wears with Blazers to cover herself up a little. She often wears modest miniskirts but she has also been seen in shorter skirts that sits above the knee.


2. No PDA

This isn’t exactly royal protocol but the royal family tends to follow Queen Elizabeth’s example when it comes to public displays of affection. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip believe that they are at work when out in public and should, therefore, conduct themselves professionally. Maybe it’s just that Megan and how we can’t get enough of each other because they often hold hands when in public. She often holds on to his arm.or you might see them walking arm in arm. Prince Harry has been caught whispering in her ear on several occasions. Let’s swoon and imagine he’s whispering something romantic to her credit. Megan is also made some very big changes to her life since joining the royal family.


1.No Social Media

Like millions of people around the world making use social media like Facebook Twitter and Instagram. According to the BBC, she had over 2000000 followers across those platforms in 2017. She posts pictures of her travels her dog, social events and plenty of self-fees. But before her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018 Megan closed all her social media accounts to follow royal protocol. Do you think you’d be able to stay away from social media forever? This was probably not an easy decision for her. A representative from Kensington palace expressed Megan Markle’s gratitude to all the people who had followed her social media accounts and explained her decision to close them. So don’t expect to see her tweeting anymore. All official Twitter communications with regards to Meghan Markle her husband Prince Harry the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge come from the Kensington palace Twitter account.


what do you think about these rules share this with your friends and tell us which rules you absolutely need to break if you were part of the royal family? let us know in the comments section.