8 things that ruin the first impression immediately. Scientists have proven that we form our first impression about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting. And there are definitely certain factors that can instantly make or break it. Are you ready to find out what you should and shouldn’t do in order to leave a good first impression on other people?


1.A Weak Handshake

This point couldn’t be more important for anyone with an upcoming job interview. A flimsy handshake can be a real first impression killer. It is research psychologist William F. Chaplin found the people with the weak handshake instantly judged as being shy anxious on interested or even completely incompetent.  Another common mistake people make is holding someone’s hand for too long… Awkward, if you’re going to give the right impression of confidence and capability. Remember to grip the other person’s hand firmly and for no longer than 2 seconds. that’ll put you on the road to success.


2.Keeping Your Hands In The Wrong Position

In the wrong position if you’re ever sitting in front of a group of people whether it be at a business meeting or some conference. You’ve got to be mindful of where you keep your hands. You can put them on your lap never keep them in your pockets because this gives the impression that you’re hiding something. If you place your hands on the table don’t squeeze into tightly or leave them flat when she calms down. This makes people feel like you want to control them.  Also, don’t forget about the role that culture please here. While gently folding your hands on the table is totally okay in the western world. This position is considered rude in Japan and India. Do your research on the customs and culture before you visit another country. This will help you avoid any uncomfortable situations.

3.Chewing gum

You’ve got to admit that it’s incredibly annoying and distracting. When you’re talking to someone and they’re chewing a piece of gum. Put this irritating behaviour into a formal situation or a first-time encounter with someone and it becomes even more inappropriate. Chewing gum makes you look immature self-centred and somewhat lowbrow. So don’t even think about it for a job interview .You want to show your best qualities not your indifference toward your potential employer. On the flip side, a new study has found that in casual situations people chewing gum are usually perceived as more friendly and approachable. So be careful with this one it can either help or hurt you.


4.Avoiding Eye Contact

Eye contact has an unbelievably powerful influence on how we view some. A 2007 study showed that people who maintain eye contact during a conversation are often seen as more confident attentive intelligent and trustworthy. That avoid eye contact, on the other hand, are viewed as less sincere more anxious even unattractive. It doesn’t mean you have to steer people down like a creep. Just don’t be afraid to lock eyes with another person from time to time instead of constantly looking around .Especially when you meet them for the first time.


5. Playing With Your Hair

Statistics show that women touch their hair up to 18 times a day. That’s fine if you’re fixing in the mirror but if you play with your hair while talking to someone you could be sending them. The wrong message first off they might think you’re flirting with them. More importantly, a person toys with their hair during the conversation looks I’m confident anxious and uncomfortable. Treats that are especially undesirable in an official situation. And when playing with your hair becomes excessively repetitive. It can even be a sign of OCD if you tend to do this when you’re nervously trying to kick his habit. It’ll do you and your hair a lot of good.


6. Picking The Wrong Conversation Topics

In order to avoid the dreaded awkward silence. a lot of people are ready to talk about anything with someone they’ve just met. But you never know what subjects can make someone feel uncomfortable. So it’s better to play it safe and avoid the general tab topics out there. Include health problems money religion politics or personal problems and complaints. Trying not to focus the conversation only on yourself and your issues that’s what therapists are for. It’s always a good idea to be attentive to your conversation partner a good listener is always highly appreciated.


7.Invading Someone’s Personal Space


Just as there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross when it comes to conversation topics the same goes for personal space, experts put it simply the space between you and another person depends on your relationship and the situation. There’s a certain distance for close friends and family  One for informal conversations and another for formal interactions. When it comes to meeting someone for the first time keep a minimum of 4 feet between the 2 of you.  If you stand too close to them may come off as aggressive. But if you stand too far away you seem uninterested, just try to find a happy medium and stick to it.


 8. Constantly Checking Your Phone

In the age of social media and, twenty-four seven access to the internet. We become addicted to our gadgets. In fact, an android app called locket collected information and found that the average person checks the phone a hundred and ten times a day. Even if you’re just checking the time on your screen. It comes off as extremely impolite when you do it during a conversation. The other person gets the impression that they’re boring you and you seem to have better things to do. A study from the University of Essex shows that even just having one’s phone on the table next to them reduces the conversations quality and the participant’s engagement.

Readers tell us in comments below that will you follow all these things during meeting or conversation?

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