We are ready to do any job for our family. We want to give all the facilities to our family so that they become a good family of society and equal to others. Some jobs are so dangerous that we can lose our self. Despite we are doing these jobs for our family. Some jobs are so easy that you can easily be done your work without any disturbance..For example, banking, teaching and many other offices work. All businesses have their risks, right? Sometimes there are profits to be made from doing things – dangerous, scary, creeping things – that most people don’t want to do.

But today we will talk about the most dangerous jobs in the world. If your any family member do these types of jobs then you should pray for him. Because many labours died during their job. we lose all our hops when we are doing work.


5.Sulfer Mining Jobs


Due to this jobs, workers become old very soon. The volcano of Indonesia is one of the dangerous volcanoes of the world. Several hundred men work in the heart of Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Each day, they collect yellow lumps of sulphur that solidify beside its acidic crater lake. Once processed, the sulphur is used to bleach sugar, make matches and fertiliser, and vulcanise rubber in factories at home and abroad.in the past 40 years almost 74 miners have died. This jobs is too dangerous because the workers do their work near an active volcano. That can blast any time. The miners break the cooled sulphur into chunks and load up their wicker baskets for the 200-metre climb back up out of the crater. They stick out sulfur without using a mask. One of worker says that when he comes here than his family worry. He says that he is doing work just for his family no other jobs can pay wellYou will surprise that the worker does this jobs just for RS350 per day.


4.Base Jumping Instructor


Base jumping is actually a game that we want to play just once in our life. But what do think about those people who do it regularly? Base jumping is that type of job that may be we enjoy a lot, or companies pay us a high salary.. But our life is always in danger. In 2016, 16 people died due to base jumping. Your little mistake can snatch your life. Due to the lower altitudes of the jumps, base jumping is considered to be significantly more dangerous than skydiving.


3.Snakes Farming


What will you do if someone asks you caught snakes in your hand for little bite money?. Definitely, your answer will be no. But some people are willing to take risks when there’s money to be made, and many in the province have put aside their fears or disgust of snake farming for the benefits of being self-employed. In Indonesia, many workers are ready to catch snake just for money. Now you think that these snakes have not poisoned. But they have. If they bite you, you can lose your life. Snakes’ leather and poison sell at a very high price. If you fear snakes then you can say that this job is the most dangerous job in the world.


  2.Window Cleaning Job.


In advertisement window cleaning jobs is looking so easy and sometimes you apply for it. You think that a window cleaning job is relaxing and easy. You usually do it at you home. But we are talking about a window cleaning of high altitude buildings. These people spend their workdays working with heavy machinery. About 100 logging workers out of 100,000 die in the USA every year. Besides heavy equipment, the risk factors are bad weather and high altitudes. Workers bind himself with rope and jump one window to another window to clean it. They also pick many cleaning materials.How much its difficult that you bind with rope and on the hight and also pick a lot of matrial to clean window. I must sure that vertigo patience does not take a rick for doing this job.


1.Manhole Cover Making.


We mostly see the thing that made in China. But in new york you can see a manhole cover that made in India. For making this cover a warm material use like a lava.Worker doing their job without using safety dresses. They handing matrial pot with using glows. Manhole covers manufactured in India can be anywhere from 20 to 60 per cent cheaper than those made in the United States. They are one of the best manufacturers of manhole covers in India. It deals with cast iron and ductile iron for manufacturing their products With a production capacity of 75,000+ MTPA. This job is difficult and dangerous but workers do their work wholeheartedly. And export it all over the world.


So readers tell us that which job is difficult and which job you will choose for the betterment of your family.thank you.